Wanna have that authentic middle eastern, North African taste without leaving little old London. Del’Aziz is one of the most perfect places. Having a cool dim decor, with that Arabian feel to it. Probably feel like your in Morocco or Dubai for the night. ‘Haven’t been but seen a few of my friends videos and pictures lol’. 

But the food is amazing. Delivering those good, slow cooked meats, grilled shrimp and lobster, with a little fruit here and their. Main meals are always provided with some salad garnish, but you would have to most likely get sides. Not forgetting there wonderful deal that’s on everyday till noon, where you can get a whole lobster with fries, mixed salad and coleslaw all for a nice £20. If you ain’t got time to be cracking the lobster all over the place go grab their lobster burger, served with fries and beer, a little cheaper for only £16.They also do provide for the smokers out their, from various flavours of shisha for you to inhale. So get your ‘happy shishaon a Monday and Tuesday evening. Going for £10 pounds, you can’t go wrong.

Different branches provide different forms of entertainment such as belly dancers, live music, snake charmers etc. So go give one of your friends a night to remember or go join in yourself.


Fulham, Swiss Cottage, Bermondsey, Clapham.

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