Food Food Food, Glorious Food how I do love you. Your probably thinking “damn this guy loves food“. Well yeah, I do. Guess it all started from my mum who also loves to cook, and boy can she cook. I know everyone says their mum is the best cook but that is for another day. This is where I get to share what I may Have cooked, places I have gone to eat, or going to go in the future. Theirs not much that I don’t Like apart from Olives, I HATE THEM!!!!. To me, if it has olives the meal has lost some value. Other than that I’ll eat anything. What I really love is food with allot of flavor, It excites my taste buds to a next level and makes me crave it even more.

This page is for the people who have no time to cook or don’t actually have ideas of things to make in the space of 30min. like I said ’30min’ so many things can be made within that time so no excuses can be made if you cannot take 30min out of your day to make something beneficial to you. It should encourage you to also try new meals and try cook different meals out of your favorite veg, meat, fish, poultry etc.

Most of all I’m tryna keep it cheap and cheerful, who doesn’t want to save some extra wonga. Feel free to leave recipes or comments