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Blogging isn’t something that has ever come to mind until now. Being a Student and working towards my career in Electronic Engineering and working, I just thought its so long and time consuming.The idea to even do a blog came to me when having the usual casual, but yet heated debate with my house mates. Its quite male dominated, so you could imagine all the egos around. Lord knows what it was about, but I got asked, “Give me three things you love in life”.

I’ve been asked that question in the past, I am sure you readers have found this question to be challenging. Losing your mind, picking, choosing and switching your decisions. “I love Cars, Money and Nice clothes”. “Wait, wait, wait”. “Travelling, Women and Films”. It can go on forever. Sadly I was one of them, till I actually sat there this time after being asked that question.

‘Food, Music, gadgets and Fashion’ was narrowed down after that harsh process I put my brain through in such a short time. As you can see its four, three was to hard so I didn’t budge, but if I was to choose one out of the four, it would be food. I LOVE FOOD!!!

Your probably Imagining a fat guy, (yes I am a guy) going around just eating here, there, everywhere. Then talking about what he’s eaten. Well your bubble has been popped mate. I am basically one of the people who eat whatever they want and never put on the weight. It has it benefits.

As I love food, but most of all healthy food (nothing wrong with cheat days though), I thought why not write about it, and share my views and verdicts. In return I can find out about stuff like new restaurants I have not heard about. Lets face it guys, I don’t care how long you spend your time online or travelling looking for these things your not going to know everything.

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